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Inside the Craft of Screenwriting

More Wisdom from Larry

Top 15 Screenwriting Lessons

The Only Rule A Screenwriter Needs To Know


The Save The Cat! Principle

More Wisdom from Blake

Blake Snyder's Approach

The Pitch


Plot Structure Masterclass

More Wisdom from Michael

Screenplay Structure in 6 Minutes

Become A Master Storyteller

Recommended Reading

Save The Cat!

The book that started all the controversy about formulaic screenwriting - agree/disagree? 

Screenwriters' Workbook

The essential companion for students of Blake Snyder's method.

Save The Cat! Strikes Back

The follow-on volume to the seminal first book.

Save The Cat! Goes To The Movies

Another follow-up guide to every story ever told. 

Writing Screenplays That Sell

A complete guide by Michael Hauge - comprehensive and acclaimed.

Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds

Comes with the guarantee that your story will be read...

Storytelling Made Easy

Employs the Six Step Success formula from Hauge.

Screenplay by Syd Field

The classic - if you only have one book, make it this one.

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